COWORKING - A shared office community for corporations, small businesses or individuals at ONE Inclusive rate for fully furnished office space, private desks, benefits, internet and much more...

With more than 10,000 coworking spaces around the globe, there is no denying the movement is here to stay and that it continues to redefine the way we work. Want to learn more about what it takes to create a great coworking space and the benefits of working in Red DWG Library?



To experience Red DWG Library (RDL) is to embrace transformation through innovation.  RDL provides the tools to design your own unique experience, whether structured or serendipitous, social or inventive. The Librarians’ (curators, baristas, raconteurs, assistants) at RDL offer an experience that celebrates the art of innovation through curiosity, delve into the essence of pressing current technologies, unleashing inspiration, to spark creativity through inspiring combinations of people and events.  Enjoy world-class coffee, pastries, state-of-the-art audiovisual, catered events, and opportunities to connect with like-minded colleagues, or potential new partners.

It’s the perfect place to have breakfast with a client, throw educational seminars or private events, host your board meeting or company retreat.  It is a place to Focus, Recharge or Refuel...Perfectly and Comfortably.  Never Constant, Never Traditional, Always Vital.

Red DWG Library Definition:

RED: The most confident color on the palette wheel. Associated with Strength and Energy, Power and Determination, as well as Passion, Desire, and Love - Raising the Blood Pressure, thus Enhancing the Human Metabolism, thereby stimulating Brain Waves.

DWG: Developing Wisdom with Guidance - RDL will assist you through our business development services and our vast network, in the growth and success of your business - Funding, Branding, Marketing, Mentoring, Strategy, Legal, and more...

LIBRARY: Intellectually, we have been taught that the library offers an environment that is a means to find FOCUS.  The decision to go with a PURPOSE, and making a conscious COMMITMENT of working toward your objectives.


We started RDL to build a collaborative community of entrepreneurs that want to be part of a focused and creative environment.  A curated life with a playful, modern, inventive, but above all, a welcoming community.   It’s a story captured from a 1920’s zeitgeist, brought to the present in an inspirational setting in the heart of Pawtucket, RI.



Our members come first - Developing a community that allows exceptional entrepreneurs to create new ideas, services, and products that succeed. Providing the tools and infrastructure to better FOCUS on their overall goals.



Where ladies and gentlemen dwell:  We are here to help each other grow and build…teamwork.  At the same time, respect each other’s work space and environment with exceptional etiquette and humility.


In an environment where VIP’s and cultural icons comfortably collide, our vibrant community is a diverse, self-selecting group that shares a common sensibility and a passion to change the world around us.  RDL members are people who want to significantly alter business, culture, and society.  Brought together by their desire to be inspired, to explore new possibilities, and to constantly expand their world.

HISTORIC LOCATION - 'American Insulated Wire'

We are located in this historic mill built in 1900 with 8,500 square feet of Coworking space.  The architectural details are absolutely spectacular!  Located in Darlington-Pawtucket, the arts capital of RI with tons of FREE Parking - 60 seconds off 95.


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RDL offers up to $250 for any referral that signs a 12-month private office agreement. We also offer referral payouts for short-term agreements on private desk, coworking, and virtual agreements. Current RDL clients can opt to have their referral fee credited to their rent.
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Red DWG Library is a proud contributor to the following charities:

Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket: To inspire and enable the young people to realize their full potential as healthy, productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Operation Restored Warrior: An organization committed in the healing of Veterans in the prevention of suicide.

RI SPCA: With the sole purpose of protecting animal life in all situations that might endanger them.