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A Coworking Space offering 8,500 sq.ft. of a unique office experience. Partner with us in finding the ideal space for your clients. Why not give your clients an exceptional working environment where all the infrastructure is included in one affordable membership rate. Offering private offices, private desks, and coworking memberships to Corporate teams, small businesses and startups across New England.


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Refer A Client And Collect A Fee:

  • Long Term 12+ Months: RDL offers 1-month of the member fee for 12 month Private Office agreement. RDL offers 5% of the member fee for months 13-24 month private office agreement - paid upfront.
  • Mid Term 6+ Months: RDL offers 10% of the member fee for 6-12 month Private Office or Desk agreement. RDL offers 5% of the member fee for months 13-24 month private desk agreement - paid upfront.
  • Month to Month: RDL offers 10% of the member fee for 1-12 month Coworking agreement.
  • Renewals: RDL offers 2% of the gross member fee for any Office or Desk Renewal agreements that signs a 12-month term - paid upfront.
  • Expansions: RDL offers net Desk growth fee (2 to 5 desks) payouts for 6+ month Desk agreements - in accordance with new agreement terms.


What info do I need to introduce the Client?

We need your client's name, company, email address, and phone number. Additional information (e.g. term length, number of desks, phones, etc.) will assist us to speed up the process.

Can I be involved in touring with my Client?

You'll be involved in the entire process. Open communication between the client and RDL is recommended. You will be notified when the client has toured and if the client has signed.

Will RDL contact my Client without consent?

NO. Absolute transparency is vital to a great partnership. RDL does not reach out to the client without your knowledge.

When will I receive referral payment?

When your client joins RDL, you'll receive your payment when the agreement and membership fees are fully executed or 2-weeks after client move-in.

How many Clients can I refer to RDL?

No limit for Virtual memberships! Physically, as many as we can house in our space, up to 200 heads!  The more client referrals, the more you earn.

Can I earn additional fees for Clients who expand to more DESKs in RDL?

Absolutely! For 6+-month Desk expansion agreements you’ll get net membership fee of the new term agreement.