Coworking with 'Purpose & Commitment'

DWG - Developing Wisdom w/ Guidance


Brand Growth:

Our LIBRARIANS will assist to harness an innovative community of professionals that want to grow their brands in a focused and creative environment. A curated life with a playful, modern, inventive, but above all, an inspirational community.  It’s a story captured from a 1920’s zeitgeist, brought to the present in an inspirational setting in the heart of Rhode Island.


Red DWG Library Definition:

RED: Love - Love what you do.  The most confident color on the palette wheel. Associated with Strength and Energy, Power and Determination, as well as Passion, Desire, and Confidence. Raising the Blood Pressure, thus Enhancing the Human Metabolism, thereby stimulating Brain Waves.

DWG: Developing Wisdom with Guidance - RDL will assist you with Brand Development to Financial Services services, and connect you with our vast network, for the growth and success of your business - Branding, Send Funding, Marketing, Mentoring, Strategy, Legal, and more ...

LIBRARY: Intellectually, we have been taught that the library offers an environment that is a means to find FOCUS.  The decision to go with a PURPOSE, and making a conscious COMMITMENT of working toward your objectives.


The Experience


To experience Red DWG Library is to embrace transformation through innovation. RDL provides the tools to design your own unique experience, whether structured or serendipitous, social or inventive. The Librarians’ (curators, baristas, raconteurs, assistants) at RDL offer an experience that celebrates the art of innovation through curiosity, delve into the essence of pressing current technologies, unleashing inspiration, to spark creativity through inspiring combinations of people and events. Enjoy world-class coffee, pastries, state-of-the-art audiovisual, catered events, and opportunities to connect with like-minded coworkers, or potential new partners.

It’s the perfect place to have breakfast with a client, throw educational seminars or private events, host your board meeting or company retreat. It is a place to Focus, Recharge or Refuel... Perfectly and Comfortably. Never Constant, Never Traditional, Always Vital.